the studio

the beginning of your Yoga journey

the beginning of your Yoga journey

Our studio, located in the East Hill Kent area, is nestled on the second floor of a large house-like commercial building, right above Vivian Clinical Day Spa. When you reach the second floor, you are transported to an ambiance of dark hardwood floors and styled decor from India and Indonesia.

As you enter the welcome room (with the Namaste decal on the wall outside), you are embraced by the calming atmosphere and a small boutique that you can browse while you are waiting for class. Mats, books, yoga socks, eye pillows, water bottles, and some local artisan upcycled treasures await you! In addition, gift certificates are for sale that can either be used for boutique items or Yoga classes.

The studio itself has a warmth that makes it a true sanctuary for Yoga. With views of Mount Rainier and the treetops, you will feel as if you are on a retreat away from the everyday grind.

the welcome room

back of the studio

Inside the studio space itself, artwork from Thailand,  India, Indonesia, and our own mainland dot the walls adding to the ambience of the studio.


What people are saying

did a private session

Great place! The interior is nice and new. I’m new to practicing yoga. I did a private session. Audrey knows yoga. She gave me a better understanding of some of the asanas. I have some lower back pain and inflexibility, so it was less stressful for me than a group yoga class at a gym and with more focus on breath control too.


absolutely relaxed

Took the yoga for relaxation class and it was amazing. I left feeling absolutely relaxed. Audrey is a great instructor – she transitioned us though each asana smoothly and was helpful when I couldn’t figure out how to use a piece of equipment. The studio is warm and inviting and is set up to allow for a completely relaxed experience. I will definitely be back!


gentle pace

I appreciated the gentle pace and the somewhat challenging postures, the ability to rest whenever I needed to, and the humor of the instructor.


very beautiful

I’m thrilled I have found this yoga studio! Soul Spark Yoga is very beautiful and Audrey is a wonderful instructor. I took the free first yoga class and I have been hooked taking classes once/twice a week ever since. I am starting to truly appreciate the art of yoga practice, and I’m looking forward to learning more thanks to Soul Spark Yoga. I highly recommend. I have been telling all my friends and family!


no pressure … no mirrors

The studio is very welcoming, comfortable, nicely decorated. The instructor, Audrey, is well versed in the practice of yoga, nonjudgmental and easy to follow during class with gentle guidance to get the full benefit of Yoga. No pressure to be or look a certain way, no mirrors! I love this place, worth the 15 minutes to get there!!


rejuvenated and ready for Monday

Thank you for one of the best yoga experiences I’ve ever had. Fireside Yoga AND Yoga Nidra is the best way to end the week. I feel rejuvenated and ready for Monday.


Yoga has changed my life…

I am going to be seventy years old next year so I made a resolution in December to start doing Yoga. I wanted to improve my strength and balance. I started Yoga the second week of January 2019 and have continued once a week. I am really enjoying the classes and my balance is improving.

About five years ago I was told I have a curved spine and over time is has become more painful. I do physical therapy exercises to maintain it but it continued to hurt most of the time. Lots of heating pad time and Tylenol. To my surprise, after five classes of Yoga, my back pain is almost completely gone. It feels amazing and I am not using the heating pad or taking Tylenol.

Audrey has been helpful and kind.

So Thankful,