yoga etiquette

IMG_20140505_191520The mission of Soul Spark Yoga is for students and practitioners of Yoga alike to experience a supported journey where each person’s needs and goals are met individually on the mat. This personal journey that you experience in our space should be safe, peaceful, and exploratory.

In order to make this possible, each individual affects how this happens. Please read the Yoga etiquette for the studio below:

Arrive at least 10 minutes early so you can allow yourself to focus and be still before class begins. No one benefits from lateness and rushing into the studio.

Our studio is shoe-free.  In the welcome room  at the top of the stairs is a skinny black shoe bin for you to store your shoes while in class.

The time we are together is a technology reprieve.  Silencing your cell phone before entering the studio space and stowing it away helps us all to have some time unconnected and undisturbed.

As our studio is above a day spa, please enter mindfully and quietly with gentle placement of your mat on the floor as you open it as well as any cork blocks you may use. As there are others who may be on their mats beginning to set up their sacred space and prepare for practice,it is customary to save conversations for after class. Before setting up shop on your mat, our storage room has ample space for your belongings to keep them safe and maximize studio floor space for mats.

Wear clothing that is comfortable, loose fitting, but yet fitted enough for slightly inverted positions. It is advisable to not eat a large meal for at least 3-4 hours before practice.  If you must eat, have a small snack before practice to keep you from being hungry and lacking energy.

And please, do alert the teacher of any medical conditions that are of importance that could affect your practice before class. As with any activity, it is important for you to know the physical limitations of your body.  You are on your own island on your mat during class–you don’t need to impress anyone in the room or yourself.  By finding that delicious edge in each asana (pose), you will benefit greatly from your practice and return home injury-free.  Listen to your inner guru regarding how far to go in each asana: Yoga is meant to be a pleasant practice (though you will do work to be sure!).

As you entered the studio, please leave in the same fashion to keep the shanti, the peace.  Bring your conversations to the welcome room so those entering the studio will have the benefit of quiet space.