winter health

Whether it is rain or snow, we are coming upon the winter season. And with that, our bodies, minds, and souls need a little extra care. As creatures of light, the darker days can depress the body and create a lack of motivation. When we spiral into inactivity and listlessness, our health takes a turn for the worse. Once the health of the body goes awry, it affects the mind and also that soul spark.

The antidote to this cycle is Yoga (you could see that coming, right?). Yoga helps to stimulate the body systems naturally and bring balance, infusing it with oxygen, boosting immunity, and helping the mind to stay focused and at peace. Just two times a week on the mat, attending whatever Yoga classes are your favorites, will make a huge difference in how you go through this winter season.

Make your New Year’s resolution early…this is an excellent time to grow your Yoga practice and to bring energy to the body, mind, and soul. Cheers!

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