meditation classes

Why meditation?  Japa, as it is known in Sanskrit, is a way of cleansing and purifying the mind.  As we lose the cares of the day and focus repetitively on one simple mantra, idea, or object, we take our mind to heightened places and remove the elements which cause stress to our bodies and souls. Meditation, according to modern day science, actually changes the wiring of the mind.  Yogis and Yoginis have known this for far longer than the medical world.IMAGE_351

Necessary Time

Never meditated before?  Don’t worry:  it is transforming, nourishing, and peaceful.  There are various ways to meditate and Soul Spark Yoga can bring you through the various pathways that can help quiet and still the mind.


If you are interested in Soul Spark Yoga meditation sessions, click here and share a time and day of week that you would commit to.  When there are enough signups, the studio will host a session on a regular basis and contact you. The 30-minute sessions are free to class-pass holders and first timers.  For all others, we ask for a donation of your choosing.