yoga pranala

hotel door 2This class is more than just a body experience:  it is a journey into oneself.

Each 75-minute class focuses not only on the asanas (poses), but also breath, grounding, lengthening the spine, and creating new flexibility in the body.

Yoga Pranala, in the Hatha tradition, includes asanas (poses), meditation, energy  movements, and pranayama (controlled breathing).  In Yoga Pranala, we are rooted to the earth and connected with the breath as a means of concentration and mindfulness throughout the practice. This class not only brings relaxation and a calmness to the body, but creates a whole new awareness in the practitioner in mind and spirit. It is suitable for with little to advanced Yoga experience.

Soul Spark Yoga has all the necessary supplies for participants (mats, blocks, bolsters, blankets).  Participants merely need to come with comfortable clothing (loose fitting pants—these can either be Yoga pants or jogging pants—and a t-shirt or Yoga top).