Here is what people are saying about their experiences at Soul Spark Yoga.

Thank you for one of the best Yoga experiences I’ve ever had. Fireside Yoga AND Yoga Nidra is the best way to end the week. I feel rejuvenated and ready for Monday.Verna
I appreciated the gentle pace and the somewhat challenging postures, the ability to rest whenever I needed to, and the humor of the instructor.Jane
I’m thrilled I have found this Yoga studio! Soul Spark Yoga is very beautiful and Audrey is a wonderful instructor. I took the free first Yoga class and I have been hooked taking classes once/twice a week ever since. I am starting to truly appreciate the art of Yoga practice, and I’m looking forward to learning more thanks to Soul Spark Yoga. I highly recommend. I have been telling all my friends and family!Becky
We’ve had Yoga classes at work since November. Starting Yoga at work, the class really makes a difference not just physically but mentally. I’m not as tired, I have more energy, and it’s convenient

It has made a tremendous difference in my work day. I find I look forward to classes, I’m relaxed, refocused at my job, and invigorated after Yoga.

I highly recommend attending Yoga Classes to experience the relaxation, calming effect on a stressful day/situation, to achieve peace of mind, and refocus on your well-being.Astrid

Took the Yoga for relaxation class and it was amazing. I left feeling absolutely relaxed. Audrey is a great instructor –she transitioned us though each asana smoothly and was helpful when I couldn’t figure out how to use a piece of equipment. The studio is warm and inviting and is set up to allow for a completely relaxed experience. I will definitely be back!Christine
The studio is very welcoming, comfortable, nicely decorated. The instructor, Audrey, is well versed in the practice of Yoga, nonjudgmental and easy to follow during class with gentle guidance to get the full benefit of Yoga. No pressure to be or look a certain way, no mirrors! I love this place, worth the 15 minutes to get there!!Virginia
Great place! The interior is nice and new. I’m new to practicing Yoga. I did a private session. Audrey knows Yoga. She gave me a better understanding of some of the asanas. I have some lower back pain and inflexibility, so it was less stressful for me than a group Yoga class at a gym and with more focus on breath control too.Sean
I’ve been doing Yoga for years, and am VERY excited to find this Yoga teacher and studio! The atmosphere is immediately calming and inspiring. The instructor is knowledgeable, encouraging, has a pleasant voice, and allows for silences. Her use of music for pranayama (breathing exercises) is helpful and unique. Her selection and mix of asanas (postures) is well planned and includes some that are not widely used. So while you won’t necessarily get a cardio or strength work out, you will be stretching your limits and doing something good for your heart, mind, body, and soul. Plus you’ll just feel great afterwards. Well worth it!Lydia
I started going to Soul Spark Yoga shortly after it opened in early June. I am an out-of-shape beginner, and I really enjoy the classes. The studio is very nice and serene, and Audrey (the instructor) is always sure to include modifications to make poses accessible to me. At the same time, she also encourages her students to ‘find that delicious edge’ and have the courage to try something new. I recommend this studio – in fact I’m leaving for a class right now.Janet
I love Yoga, and wanted to try this place out. The teacher is fabulous and the ambiance is peaceful and refreshing. I’m hooked already.Kathy
I highly recommend Soul Spark Yoga! The studio is lovely and Audrey has such a passion for all aspects of Yoga. She told me about the Eight Limbs of Yoga. So in addition to more traditional Yoga classes she teaches a class on the ethics of Yoga. She’s been so helpful and informative.Wendy
Tonight was my third Yoga class and I had the revelation that I am hardly ever aware of my body. I’m an engineer. I sit in a chair all day and everything I do is in my head. I don’t think about my body until I get on the mat. This practice is making me aware of my body, its movements, its strengths and weaknesses. Now my body and mind are connected and working together. Thanks!Jason
I just love Soul Spark Yoga…doesn’t get much better then this. Join in now before the secret is out!Blann


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