yoga, on and off the mat

Did you know that doing Yoga is more than just a function of a studio having a vast array of class time options and being on the mat? While part of Yoga requires the frequenting of a studio often to keep up the momentum of engaging in asanas, meditation, and pranayama, there is more that goes on while off the mat too.

Many have heard mentioned in class the Eight Limbs of Yoga, as laid out by the sage Patanjali. These eight limbs, derived in his work The Yoga Sutras, define what the Yogic lifestyle is and how to pursue it.  This lifestyle, however, is usually not pursued in a vacuum: it takes the devotion to attend a studio, receive motivation and guidance through a teacher and practicing various limbs of Yoga with others, and to know how to stay on track and continue this on one’s own time.  A true Yoga class is more than poses, it is more than a little controlled breathing: it is a collective gathering helping everyone be accountable to oneself, pursue greater unity within oneself, and achieve a deeper sense of self in order to be more connected with those around us.  It isn’t a workout; it’s a life game-changer.

Now that you are in the New Year, consider how you want your holistic Yogic journey to move forward. With committed planning to attend classes, the Yogic state of unity, wholesome living, and bliss can become more of a reality for you this year. Even if you have been away and off the mat for a while, there is no time like the present to recommit yourself and come back to the mat.

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